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Karen K. Lewis is primarily a studio painter who works in oils, on a large scale. But, upon moving to Ojai in 1990, she fell in love with the landscape and joined the throng of local plein air painters. She now divides her time between plein air painting, studio painting and printmaking.

One of her large-scale oil paintings, inspired by a London garden scene, is now in the Ventura County Museum of History and Art’s collection, via a gift of the Bank of A. Levy. In 1995, she exhibited a series of chair paintings at the Ventura County Government Center, in a show titled “Please be Seated.” She has exhibited her prints at a recent Government Center printmaking show, as well as with the Santa Barbara Printmakers’ yearly shows, and she shows annually with the Ojai Studio Artists.

On the October 2004 Ojai Studio Artists Tour, Lewis offered selections from her 50 years of making art. She showed examples of her student work created at UCLA, and of her continuing years of study with Jacob Kainen in Washington, D.C., followed with the paintings that were created in New York as she studied for her MFA at Lehman College, and selections from her solo exhibitions during the 1980’s at the Pindar Gallery in SoHo in New York City.

While living in New York, she spent 15 years in art education, both as a high school art teacher and as an adjunct instructor for arts education at the College of New Rochelle.

Upon her return to California, in addition to painting the California landscape, she has continued her own art educational journey by occasionally indulging herself with cutting-edge printmaking workshops in Santa Fe; in Lucca and Florence in Italy; and closer to home in Santa Barbara.

2006 was the occasion of her second solo art show at the Ojai Center for the Arts, at which time she exhibited a series of pomegranate paintings, a subject which she continued to explore in printmaking as well as painting. Her third solo exhibition at the Ojai Art Center in August 2012 was an  80th birthday celebration and a fundraiser for the Art Center.  In addition to a selection of her earlier work, it featured recent California landscape painting as well as her return to large-scale paintings of groups of people.

On June 26, 2012, Karen was interviewed by Donna Granata for Focus on the Masters, a Ventura County archival project.

Her work can be viewed online at her website, www.karenklewis.com, and/or at Ojai Studio Artists or by appointment at her Ojai studio, the Art Barn – (805) 646-8877.